Sleep Disorders in Film & TV Database
This form is for submitting examples of sleep disorder portrayals/mentions in TV shows or films. Whether a character was portrayed as having a sleep disorder (like narcolepsy or sleep apnea) or a sleep disorder was mentioned by name, fill out this form so we can include this in this new database.

Please provide as much information (dialogue, time stamps, and context) as you can, including any links to view clips of the TV show or movie. International and non-English language examples are welcome (the more you can translate into English for us, the better.) Thank you for your support!
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What sleep disorder was mentioned or portrayed?
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What is the title of the movie or TV show? If TV show, season and episode?  How can we find this? What streaming or other platform did you watch this on? Is there a link to view online?
Please describe as much as you can about this portrayal. When is the sleep disorder mentioned/portrayed (timestamp(s))? What is the dialogue before and afterward? How do other characters respond? What is the intended response from the audience?
Was this a character representation or a mention of the condition?
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In which country was the film or TV show released?
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