Teaching Methodology and Mindfulness_002
This module contains a video lecture with Judi, followed by some review questions.

You may wish to reference the handout "Mindfulness in Action" which may be found in both the July and August handout folders. We were unable to get to it in July, so we provided the handout again in August. Therefore, it is the same handout, so no need to reprint.

For questions about this module / worksheet: email Jenn at sauerj@ccf.org
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Mindfulness in Action
How would you describe mindfulness to someone who has never heard about it? What example might you use? *
Can you recall a particular time in your life where you were completely present and knew it? Briefly describe the experience. *
Can you be mindful petting your dog or cat, washing dishes, taking a shower? *
Does being mindful mean that we are only present for good things that happen? *
What is an emotion that arises out of mindfulness, and why does it arise? *
Write a short paragraph on what you might say to guide your students to explore mindfulness "off-the -mat". *
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