ONLINE Payment Reimbursement Form
(Fiscal Year Nov. 1 to Oct. 31 of each Year)

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    Instructions for Completing ONLINE Payment Reimbursement Form

    PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT in its entirety before filling out the form. If you still need assistance, please write to odpcec.missions@gmail.com. Please note that payment requests should be made within 30 days of your purchase. 1. If you are making a large purchase (i.e. greater than $1000) on behalf of ODPC, we highly encourage you to use the tax exemption form. Some vendors may require you to pay using our church’s check and if that is the case, please indicate that this is a purchase order and we can cut the check in the vendor’s name along with the invoice #. The tax exemption form will be available from your ministry leaders. 2. Fill out the form [NOTE: ANY missing information may delay the payment]. a. Complete the Form Submitter section • This section should be filled in with YOUR information, regardless of who the payee is. • Required to fill out address: reimbursement will be sent to the address of record. • Please include your email so we can keep you updated on the progress of your request. • Please include your phone number, in case any questions arise regarding your request. b. Complete the Purchase Details section • Please itemize the purchases, especially if it includes multiple receipts and purchases. • List descriptions or item numbers, if applicable. c. Complete the Ministry Code section • Check only ONE ministry that this purchase should be charged against. d. Digitally sign the form • By signing/submitting the form, you acknowledge and confirm the terms below… i. That items/services purchased (or will be purchased) will be used solely for the identified ministry. ii. That a reasonable effort was made to get the best price possible. iii. That there were no conflicts of interest in making this purchase. 3. Attach the Receipt(s). a. You can either submit the original or a copy of your receipt(s). b. The receipt(s) • if in paper form, must be TAPED to a blank sheet of paper AND submitted to the INBOX (see below). • if submitting electronically via email, please attach as a PDF or JPEG (preferable) 4. Submit the Form. • After completing your payment requests, EMAIL a PDF or JPEG version of the receipt(s) to: odpcec.missions@gmail.com (This method leads to the quickest turnaround time.) • After completing this form, hard copies of the RECEIPTS can still be submitted by placing them in: ODPC’s "EC Missions Inbox" at Open Door Presbyterian Church's church office. 2999 Centreville Road, Herndon, VA 20171 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. What happens after I submit the Payment Request Form? • Your request will be checked, filed and recorded. • Once approved, the ODPC EC Missions Finance Team will start processing the request. • We will take the funds out of the ministry budget and send the check. • You will receive an email after the check has been processed. 2. How long before I get my payment? • After the check is sent, please allow 5-10 business days before you receive the check. 3. What if I need my payment quicker? • Ask for an “expedited payment” in the notes section and if emailing the request (please add it in the subject and body of your email). • We will make our best effort to expedite the payment but cannot guarantee any timelines. 4. Who do I contact if I have any questions about my payment request or check? • Please write to odpcec.missions@gmail.com.
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