Red Cedar Puppy Application
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What are some concerns you have about raising a puppy?
What is the most important quality your new puppy will have?
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Briefly describe your household (current pets, people who live in the house, type of residence, yard etc.)
What kind of dogs (if any) have you owned in the past, and what happened to them?
Are you hoping to compete in conformation or performance sports with your new puppy? If so, what? What is your experience with these events?
We recommend that all puppies attend training classes, whether they are a pet or a future performance dog. What type of training do you plan to do with your puppy? We are happy to help you locate an appropriate training facility in your area!
Are you interested in breeding this puppy, or willing to keep intact for the future?
What is your ideal timeline for getting a new puppy?
Do you understand that if you ever cannot care for this puppy, you must contact me before rehoming it?
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Are you okay with the breeder selecting the best puppy for you based on what you are looking for in a puppy?
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