The Budget: Your views
We run weekly surveys to get your views. In this survey, we want to find out your views on the upcoming Budget.

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Would you support an increase in taxation in order to provide additional public spending on the NHS, police and schools? *
If taxes have to rise to fund additional spending, which of the following tax rises would you be most likely to support? *
Do you believe that wealthy individuals in the UK currently pay their fair share of tax? *
Do you believe that large multi-national businesses that trade in the UK pay their fair share of tax? *
Do you support an online sales tax to ensure that online retailers do not have an unfair advantage over high street shops? *
Do you believe that the UK government should offer state aid for key strategic industries in order to support jobs after Brexit? (The UK is currently restricted in offering state aid under EU rules) *
Would you be willing to adopt some EU regulations for certain industries, such as car manufacturing and financial services, in order to protect jobs? *
Which one of the following issues is most important to you to be prioritised in the upcoming Budget? *
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