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Open Leadership Roles
Managing Editor: The managing editor will work alongside Katherine to lead PTR meetings, organize Google Drive, and communicate with editors and authors. Fall tasks will involve preparing associate editors for the spring editorial process. Spring tasks will include organizing article submissions, assigning paper submissions to associate editors, and guiding the associate editors through the editorial suggestion process. Once articles are selected for publication Katherine and the managing editor will compile all editorial suggestions and prepare the articles prior to copy editing.

Production Editor: This position entails working with Heidi to supervise the copy-editing and production teams. Once the articles have been chosen for publication, we will begin working to prepare the articles for publication and to complete the typesetting for the journal. This position requires very little time commitment in the fall, but will require a decent amount of time for several weeks in the spring (especially in March and April).
Helpful skills (some of these can be learned along the way):
-Experience with copy editing
-Experience with production editing (we use a Word template)
-Good knowledge grammar and style guides (the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition and Society of Biblical Literature 2nd edition)

Administrative Editor: The administrative editor will work alongside Patrick to manage the PTR’s internal operations as a student group as well as the PTR’s external relations. Internal responsibilities include overseeing event planning and tracking the budget. External relations include working with SGA and the Student Life Office, requesting books to review from publishers, updating the website and social media, and distributing the published journals. We will also be in charge of soliciting and eventually receiving book reviews.

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