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How many repairs are noted in the average inspection report? *
How many real estate contracts fail on average? *
What are the TWO key reasons why contracts fail? Check the 2 boxes below *
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A typical home warranty only covers a house once it has been sold. *
List the three MAIN elements of C.P.O. *
With CPO a seller can choose to disclose issues instead of fixing them. *
What are the negative effects of having a contract fail? *
Who does CPO benefit (choose most accurate): *
A property can be listed as Full CPO with an inspection, warranty, and CMA if the market is strong *
In a traditional real estate transaction the average repair requests from buyers to the sellers runs... *
In CPO Cars, how many points of inspection are there, generally? *
An Inspection on a home in the CPO process is called:
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According to American Home Shield, one of the Largest Home Warranty companies, a home that offers a home warranty sells? (which is most accurate?)
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Why do buyer agents love CPO homes?
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Why do buyers prefer CPO homes?
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What are the key benefits of CPO?
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