Lending Digital Devices to Pupils during Covid-19 - Preparation for Stage 3
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With regards to availability of devices how would you rate your households ability to cope with the demands of online learning during lockdown? *
Very difficult, currently working on outdated devices that have struggled to cope with demands of online learning
No issues, we have access to an appropriate number of suitable devices
How many children are in your household that require access to a suitable device for online learning? *
How many suitable devices do you currently have access to? *Based on pupil experience during lockdown a smart phone is not a suitable device* *
Currently, what type of device is your child/children primarily using to complete their work?
Are there further demands on IT devices in your home with your own work? *
Does your child/children currently receive free school meals *
Do you have looked after children in your care? *
Does your child/children have an IEP for SEN Stages 1-5? *
Which stage of the SEN Code of Practice is your child/children currently at?
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Child 1
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Come September 2020, which year group will each of your child/children be in? *
Internet speed and reliability
Please click on this link to run an internet speed test for your property before recording the results below. https://broadbandtest.which.co.uk/
Download speed (Mbps)
Upload speed (Mbps)
How reliable has your internet connection proven to be during online learning?
Extremely unreliable, daily issues.
Extremely reliable, no issues at all.
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Any other comments/suggestions about the provision of online learning?
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