Petition: Save Advancing Justice-LA!

Petition: Save Advancing Justice-LA -- No Cuts, No Layoffs!

On July 25, 2019, the Board of Directors of Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles (“Advancing Justice-LA”) considered and passed a motion that would result in layoffs and restructuring of the organization. The layoffs and restructuring would effectively dissolve the Impact Litigation Unit and significantly reduce the size of Direct Services.

We are deeply disappointed and troubled by these actions. The Board has approved a plan that would dramatically impact Advancing Justice-LA’s ability to serve our communities. At a time when attacks are escalating against the immigrant community, the vital services Advancing Justice-LA’s staff provides are needed more than ever. The reprehensible union-busting tactics and attacks on our communities must end.

There are no credible justifications for these actions. The organization has at least three months in reserve funds, which expert analysis has concluded is consistent with stable financial health. Even if there are financial concerns that must be addressed, layoffs should be a last resort.

Furthermore, we believe that these developments are only the latest in a series of anti-union actions that Interim Management has taken, with tacit approval from the Board. These actions are direct retaliation against line staff for engaging in activities protected by federal and state labor law. These actions are not consistent with the organization’s mission or legacy as a champion of workers’ rights.

As community stakeholders invested in the mission of Advancing Justice-LA, we demand a moratorium on layoffs, at least until the collective bargaining agreement has been finalized and that the Board and Interim Management meet and confer with the Union any and all plans for layoffs as soon as possible.

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