PMPML - Commuter Survey
DISCLAIMER: The information collected will be used only for survey purpose in aggregate and no individual data will be stored or used for any other purposes.
1)Please Select Your Gender *
2)Please Select Your Age Group *
3) Are you a differently abled commuter? *
4) How frequently do you travel by PMPML buses? *
5) Do you buy the ticket or bus pass? *
6)Please rate the overall services offered by PMPML *
7) Please rate PMPML bus services based on the following parameters. *
Very Good
Very Poor
a. Access to bus time table and bus route information
b.Regularity and Punctuality of bus services. (adherence to time table, consistently regular services)
c.Following bus stop schedule (stopping buses at all bus stops, no stop skipping)
d.Driving Habits of the Driver ( in terms of jerky driving, sudden braking, signal jumping)
e.Conductor Behaviour (in terms of politeness, returning change,)
f.Current Ticketing Process ( ease of buying tickets and passes)
g.Cleanliness of buses, bus stops and bus terminals
8) Which is your most commonly traveled / frequented route? *
Your answer
9) What aspect of the services do you think can be improved on priority basis? *
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Access to Route and Schedule (bus timetable) information
Driver and Conductor Behaviour (arrogant behaviour with commuters, not refunding
Driving habits (rash or jerky driving, following traffic rules)
Ticketing System (ease of buying tickets & passes)
Cleanliness of Buses and bus stations
10) Do you have any other comments / suggestions for improvement of PMPML services? *
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11) Please mention your suggestions that will help PMPML in attracting more commuters. *
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