UCSB GSA Committee Representative Quarterly Report Form
This form is the new system for submitting your hours of labor served on a UCSB Committee as a UCSB GSA Committee Representative ("GSA Rep").
All fields are required to efficiently disburse payment to GSA Rep.
If you serve on more than one committee, please fill a separate report for EACH committee.

If you have questions, please contact the UCSB GSA Office of Committees and Planning Vice President at:

For what quarter is this report?
Please spell your full FIRST and LAST name.
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Please type in your UCSB Student Perm Number.
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Please spell your Committte NAME and ACRONYM (not just one or the other).
Example: "Academic Senate Graduate Council Committee on Program Review (GCCPR)"
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Please provide the committee staff Point of Contact NAME, TITLE, and EMAIL address.
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Please select your Student Status.
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Please mark the amount of total hours of your labor served on this committee for this quarter.
Please detail what major discussions and issues your committee addressed this quarter, as well as what you did within these committees. Please include whether or not you voted on items, opposed items, abstained from items, or appointed a temporary proxy to attend the committee meeting in your absence.
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