Inclusivity in the Outdoors
This survey is a project for Environmental Studies which aims to look at the relationship between the outdoor space and race. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes maximum. Participants should not write their names on the survey, and the record will be anonymous. Thank you so much for taking part in this!
1. How do you identify yourself
Specify (optional)
Specify (optional)
2. How do you rate your hobby for outdoor activity *
3. Do you take part in any of the "outdoor" club at Middlebury? For instance, Mountain Club, Freeheelers Telemark Club, MiddFly Flyfishing Club, Middlebury College Sailing, etc. *
3a. If yes or often, which ones ?
3b. What made you want to participate in these organizations ?
3c. If no, or rarely why not? What factors have played a role in you not wanting to be active in these clubs ?
4. How would you descirbe the typical racial/ethnic demographics of various outdoor clubs ? Please be specific about what clubs and what you consider to be the typical, dominant demographic of these clubs *
5. If you answered no or rarely to question #3, to what extent are the typical racial/ethnic demographics of these clubs a factor in your decision (not) to participate? *
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