Mod training/quiz/application
Welcome to the first mod training!
All feedback is prepared in advance.
Rules for this test: READ THEM!
-Please do not open the discord server while taking this mod training.
-Please do not ask someone else for the answers to this mod training.
-Please message a council member saying you completed this form and tell them, to tell me.

-This test can only be re-taken a week after finishing.
-We would have no way of knowing if you cheated on this quiz, but if you really don't know the answers, then you won't be a good mod. Eventually, we'll catch on that you're clueless and demote you.
-My snarky comments/feedback are pre-prepared and they are not directed towards anyone. Don't mind it, I was just bored.
-As an extra layer of security, this quiz doesn't autosave.
-If you think there's an error in your quiz, go to the feedback channel in the server,

Pass requirements:
You can EITHER have
-Three wrong 1-2 point questions,
-Two wrong 5-point questions,
-1 wrong 10-point question

Extra point at the end doesn't count towards this, as it's optional.


Okay, so let's get started.
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