2019 Dunedin Swim Consent Form For Water Activities for every child
Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery EOTC procedures requires specific parental/ caregiver consent be given for every child in situations where swimming or water activities occur. Please fill a separate form in for every child on camp. Thanks :)
Swimmer Information : Child's name and age, ie. Sam Gill Vine 8 *
Is able to tread water *
Is able to survival float *
Is confident in a swimming pool *
Is confident in deep water *
Is able to swim 50 metres confidently *
Is confident in the sea or in the open inland water *
I give my child permission to be involved in water activities if they are ACTIVELY supervised by an adult with a 1:4 ratio. *
I consent to any emergency treatment required by my child or myself during the course of the event should it be required. *
I confirm my child is in good health and I consider them fit to participate in supervised water based activities *
Additional comments and information relevant to the activity.
Parent's name and date, (this will also become your signature in this online document.) *
Parent's cellphone and daytime contact number. *
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