Veterans Day Parade Application Form
Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2021 Maricopa Veterans Day Parade!
PARADE DATE: Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Please read the parade rules below and fill out the application form below.
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1. All Drivers must provide a valid proof of liability insurance with registration form.
2. All drivers operating any vehicles must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver license during parade.
3. Drivers shall have a clear field of vision that encompasses 180 degrees and provides a view in front and to each side of the vehicle.
4. The towing vehicle shall have a functioning horn and brakes that are in good working order.
5. Towed floats shall have safety chains attached to the towing vehicle.
6. Parade floats shall maintain a 30 foot interval between other entries in front of them with speed not faster than 5mph.
7. All sitting float riders shall remain seated.
8. Standing float riders shall have body support and firmly grasp hand holds and rails.
9. No person shall jump off or onto a moving float.
10. Float riders shall not throw any items to spectators.
11. Any giveaway items (i.e. candy, flags, stickers) may be distributed to spectators by hand from parade participants walking alongside the parade vehicles or other parade units.
12. Float riders shall not spray water or other fluids at spectators.
13. All materials used on entries must be flame retardant.
14. Smoking is prohibited in staging area and during participation in the parade route.
15. Alcohol consumption prior to and during participation in the parade is prohibited.
16. Firearms and weapons are prohibited.
17. Parade participants are responsible to pick up their own debris.
18. Use of animals in the Veterans Day Parade must be pre-approved. All pre-approved horse or pony entrants are required to diaper their horses. Horses or ponies MUST be diapered, and you may have a pooper scooper in addition to diapers. You are required to clean up after your animals.
19. Parade participants shall put safety first at all times for themselves and spectators.
20. Parade entries will be reviewed at the staging point prior to the parade. Units that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or un-safe will be removed from the parade. An accurate parade entry application description that is consistent with your final parade entry is expected.
21. You will follow current social distancing guidelines and face covering recommendations by the state of Arizona during all portions of the Veterans Day Parade. Special attention should be given to staging areas and the ending of the parade.
24. Float vehicles may have more than one person on the float if the float area is uncovered and 6’ social distancing guidelines can be achieved. (One person in the tow vehicle, unless additional persons in the tow vehicle are from the same household.)
25. No Flyers or written materials are to be distributed along the parade route.
26. Entries will be subject to inspection by Fire Department.
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By entering into the Veteran's Day Parade, I (we) certify that I have read and understand the rules and regulations as provided with this entry form. I (we) hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless to any and all parties including the City of Maricopa from any loss, damage of property or injury resulting from participation of my ( our ) entry in this event. I (we) give permission to take and use photographs, video , and any other representations of parade entry for promotional purposes of the Veteran's Day Parade.
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