Church Stretton Business Survey 2019
Introduction: Church Stretton Town Council is seeking to be better informed about the local business community so as to explore ways in which the Council and local businesses can work more effectively together. Linked in with the long-term planning for economic development by Shropshire Council, the Town Council has just set up a Community-Led Plan Steering Group, including local business representation, to put together a vision for the sustainable future of this community, of which local businesses are such an integral part.
This questionnaire will provide much-needed intelligence for taking that initiative forward. It is emphasised that the information provided by this survey will be handled in a strictly confidential way.
1 a) Name of business? *
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1 b) Address? *
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1 c) Email Address? *
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2) Name of person completing the questionnaire? *
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3) What is your role in the business? *
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4) What is your gender? *
5) What is your age? *
6) What is the type of business? *
7) How long have you been in business in Church Stretton? *
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8 a) How many Full- time employees do you have?
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8 b) How many Part- time employees do you have?
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9) How many of your employees live in Church Stretton? *
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10) Do you have a cashless payment method?
11) Have you been affected by the loss of the bank?
12) How satisfied are you with the current Wi-Fi connection to your business?
Very satisfied
Not satisfied
13)What % of your business depends on
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a) residents?
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b) Visitors?
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c) On- line trading?
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14) Are you looking to: *
15) What are the advantages of having your business in Church Stretton? *
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16) Do you have an online presence? *
17) If no, are there particular problems preventing you from developing your online presence?
18 a) Over the next five years what do you see as the major challenges for your business? *
18 b) What do you see as the major opportunities for your business? *
19 a) Are you a member of the Chamber of Trade? *
19 b)Are you a member of any other business networks? (please specify)
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20) Do you meet with any other business owners or managers for:
21) In what ways do you market your business? *
22) Has your business made use of the training research services of
23)In what ways do you think the town council could be of assistance to your business (please rate 1-9, 1 being the most important, 9 being least important *
Collaborating on the future development of the town?
Campaigning for lower business rates?
Pressing for more local control of parking?
Advocating for better Broadband and mobile phone-line connectivity?
Promoting more collaborative marketing?
Establishing a local business digital network?
Hosting local training courses?
Promoting more local research?
Establishing local shared business space?
Pressing for more affordable local housing?
24)What new businesses would help support your business to grow in the town?
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25) Do you work in partnership with any other businesses? E.g suppliers, online developers, transportation (if so which)
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26) Would your business like to be kept informed and involved in forward thinking about local economic development? *
27) If yes by what method?
28) Any other business concerns or comments?
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