Elders Survey - Halifax Pride 2019
The following survey was created to help Halifax Pride's Elder Committee identify ways to make the Halifax Pride Festival and Society more accessible to elder participation. We appreciate the input of all those who self-identify as elders, as your feedback will help direct the creation of new events and policies.

Should you wish to learn more about Halifax Pride, our activities, or ways to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact Elder Committee Lead, Patrick Maubert, at patrick@halifaxpride.com.

Have you previously taken part in Halifax Pride events? (ie. Festival events, Communities Meetings, fundraisers, etc.)
Have you felt included at Halifax Pride events?
Not at all included
Very Included
What would help you feel more included by Halifax Pride?
Do you feel Halifax Pride should host events specifically for elders throughout the year?
What sort of elder focused events would you be interested in attending?
What would make it more appealing for you to take part in Pride activities?
Can you recommend ways Halifax Pride can address issues facing elder 2SLGBTQ+ community members?
Your answer
What are the main challenges you face as an elder 2SLGBTQ+ community member?
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Over the past several years, most Halifax Pride board members have been 25-35 years of age. Are you aware of reasons why more elders are not volunteering to serve on the board?
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Halifax Pride has created a variety of new committees (such as Elders, Programming, Communications, etc.) that require less time commitment than board participation. What other ways can we can make volunteering with Halifax Pride more attractive to elders?
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Please leave your email below if you would like to discuss ways you might be able to contribute to Halifax Pride's efforts.
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