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The Law Students' Legal Advice Program ("LSLAP") operates a project dedicated to assisting prisoners in British Columbia with completing Criminal Code s. 684 applications. For more details on the project, please read the following:

Section 684 of the Criminal Code provides that a court of appeal or judge of that court may assign counsel to act on behalf of an accused party to an appeal or preliminary proceedings, where, in the opinion of the court or judge, it appears desirable in the interests of justice that the accused should have legal assistance and where it appears that the accused does not have sufficient means to obtain that assistance.

Completing a s. 684 application requires the applicant complete three forms: a letter of authority, a notice of motion, and an affidavit for appointment of counsel. Upon filing, the prisoner is then brought before a Chambers judge of the BC Court of Appeal to hear the application. The filing of a section 684 application can occur only after the prisoner has filed a notice of appeal with the court.

LSLAP’s role in assisting prisoners with the application would be to assist in ensuring that the applications are properly completed. Working with LSLAP’s criminal supervising lawyer, Andrew Bonfield, students would be required to travel to the respective prison or penitentiary where the client is located and conduct an interview to complete the required forms. A student would not be providing legal advice to the client and would not be representing the client at the Chambers hearing.


To be eligible to participate, students must attend the mandatory training session.

After we have compiled submitted applications, we will be e-mailing applicants to confirm their participation. If you ave any questions, please feel free to contact Daniel Comeau (
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