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Client Love
“When I first reached out to Brittney I was in total despair. Deep down I felt ready to transform my life but I lacked to motivation to take action because I felt energetically exhausted and just felt like I had no choices. My inner dialogue was terrible and I didn’t feel beautiful at all. In my business, I had basically given away my power and felt stuck in technology overwhelm. My truth was hidden somewhere under the need to please and I was desperately seeking alignment everywhere but in my own soul. Enter Brittney and everything changed! Brittney met me where I was and unflinchingly led me out of the dark place I was in. She guided me into healing that I didn’t even know I needed.

Brittney went straight to my heart and worked on my soul to build me back up. She cried with me, raged with me and she kicked my ass out of fear and victim-hood! She did not let me lie to myself but instead helped me to peel away the layers that revealed my truth + what I am meant to do and how I am meant to serve the world with my gifts. Brittney combined the wisdom teachings of Shine School with her powerful intuitive 1:1 coaching to help me heal and transform my life and business.

As a result, I was able to manifest a beautiful new home on an island in a new city, all expenses paid for indefinitely! My biz grew up as Brittney helped me to realize that what I needed wasn’t totally about strategy, it was also very much about believing in myself and taking my power back. I can finally say that I’m so excited to share my work because all that I do flows from my heart, passion and soul truth. My inner dialogue has transformed and upgraded as I’ve found self-love + self-worth through both Shine School and the deep alchemy of our 1:1 sessions. I am once again embracing something I’ve always been passionate about but for a long time didn’t feel worthy of experiencing…beauty and self-care! I feel healthy, energized and empowered!

For the first time, I have an actual sales funnel…one that feels good! And within a couple of days of working together, I sold two sessions without even promoting my services! With Brittney’s help, I released everything that no longer served me including a website that was the cause of so much stress for me. That is huge because before we started I was overwhelmed by technology and now not only am I embracing it, I’m building my own website! I am no longer that sad, unhappy woman that first reached out for help. Brittney changed my life!” -Stacey M. Fruits
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