Volunteer - Young Enough Ambition Brazil 2018

Welcome to the "Young Enough Ambition" endowment fund application to become a volunteer during our programme in Brazil, this October 2018 in São Paulo. Your interest is highly appreciated, and we hope you'll have a blast with us. In order to have a better understanding of who you are, and how we can all organize ourselves to make the best of the few days we will have together, please fill out this application.

You won't be able to save your answers and go back to it once you are done filling them out, so please be careful before submitting your applications. Uncomplete applications will not be considered.


- You have until the last day of September (September 30th, 8PM São Paulo time) to fill out this application.

- 29th October until the 31st October 2018, three (3) days of workshops and activities in São Paulo. We cover the meals (small breakfast, lunch, and collation) and the transportation within the São Paulo public transit. All other costs are at your charge;


If you have any questions regarding the programme in Brazil, please reach us at brazil@youngenough.org
Media inquiries ? Reach us at press@youngenough.org
Questions about the organization as a whole ? Send us an email at hello@youngenough.org

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We will use your social medias to connect with you all before the 3 days of workshops, as well as to inform you all of the latest updates. It will also be used to create personal IDs with QR codes on your badges during the workshops so it is easier for you all to connect with each other and bond.
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Do you already have a full transportation card for the public transit system in São Paulo ? *
Transportation tickets will be handed out at the end of every day of workshops only if you have attended the full length of the workshops day. A +1 ticket will be provided at the end of the 3 days to compensate for the first ticket used to come to the workshops on the first day. If you select the first option, you will not be provided transportation tickets. No exception will be made.
Who inspires you the most ? Why ? *
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What role do you believe young people should have in Brazil, and in the world in general ? *
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What are the advantages of being young and willing to change the world, in your opinion ? *
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What is your occupation in life, and where ? *
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Will you be interested in becoming a part of our permanent team in Brazil ? *
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