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With a focus on the publishing process, Face The Book TV gives voice to the diverse and growing community of independent publishers, booksellers, and readers.

We poke around inside book shops, coffee shops, print shops, libraries, book clubs, and any place else where people are writing, designing, producing, selling, or reading books.

We invite you to use this form to apply as a panelist or audience member; or to learn the craft of media production as a member of our crew.

While honoring print traditions, Face The Book TV also dives headlong into the swirl of new formats that have emerged in the age of social media, audio, interactive publishing, and e-books. Our aim is to help our audience discover exciting, new, independently published books - and learn how to publish their own.

As a participant, you'll also be able to distribute the completed show to your own local media station or share it online in its entirety, with attribution (CC1).

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