Tavern Application: Ansteorra 40th Year
We're so excited that you are interested in hosting a tavern at Ansteorra's 40th Year Anniversary Celebration (September 19-22, 2019).

Please fill out the following form to apply for a tavern time.

You will be notified via email if you have been assigned a meal (or meals). After you receive notification of your time, please reply to confirm your acceptance. If you do not respond, that time may be reassigned to another vendor.

The last day to apply July 19, 2019 (but the sooner we know details the more we can help you advertise).

If you have questions or need additional information, email Liliana Barnes (mka Tabitha Manners) event@40th.ansteorra.org.

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Space requests
A tavern space is being set up near the hall. Please let us know how much space is needed and if you have any special requests. We will let you know if your request can be met when we notify you with space confirmation.
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Additional requests
If you need access to water, electricity, or other items we may be able to accommodate, please note those here. We should have access to two electrical outlets. Water may be slightly further around the hall. Access to refrigerator or freezer space will be determined after Feast needs are known. If you need additional tables or chairs we may be able to accommodate depending on number and availability.
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Notes to the Event Stewards
Please note here if you will need money from the event budget, what project or group the profits will go toward, and any other information that you feel would be helpful.
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