EKLIPSE CfR.01/2016: Which types and components of urban and peri-urban blue spaces have a significant impact on human mental health and mental well-being?
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This form is to review the report EKLIPSE CfR. 01/2016: Which types and components of urban and peri-urban blue spaces have a significant impact on human mental health and mental well-being?" (Draft) - Prepared by the EKLIPSE Expert Working Group on the impacts of urban and peri-urban blue/green spaces on human heath and well-being.


Following the method protocol, the EKLIPSE Health Expert Working Group has now drafted their work: a report on the types and characteristics of urban and peri-urban blue spaces having an impact on human mental health and well-being. This report seeks to develop recommendations for the conservation, planning, design, and management of urban blue infrastructures.

The draft report can be found on the EKLIPSE website and is open for consultation and review until 3 pm CET, February 28th. The final editing and formatting of in-text references and the reference list will be undertaken after the report’s review. Also please note that this document reflects the results of a systematic review that was performed according the PRISMA guidelines. It is not intended for circulation; the final report will be made publicly available on the EKLIPSE website in March 2020. EKLIPSE is committed to ensuring the usability of all its products and is therefore organizing an open review process of this draft report engaging a range of stakeholders.

Thank you very much for your willingness to participate in this extended peer-review. This is an essential and critical phase to ensure the usability of the developed output.

Before starting the review process, please read the following instructions:
1) The text will be language edited by a professional editor once the review is completed, so please do not worry about clumsy wording or typos, only indicate if there are problems of understanding.
2) The Review form is composed of 5 pages. On this first page, please fill in your name and email address. Please note that in case you want your review to stay anonymous, your name and email will only be communicated to the EKLIPSE Secretariat.
3) On Page 2, please find general questions on the report to help improve the usability of the report.
4) On Page 3, please add specific comments on the report, section by section. For example, on the title, on the knowledge synthesis framework and methodology, on results, etc.
5) On Page 4, please comment on Appendix A.
6) On Page 5, you can add any further comments or general appreciation.
7) PLEASE note that by submitting your review, you will still be able to edit your responses and this until the end of the review period (February 28th, 3 pm (CET)). So if you are not finished with your review but would like to come back to it later, please click on “submit" your review (it is in a way a “save” button). You will then receive an email from Google Form with an edit link.

If you need help or more information during the review process, please feel free to contact EKLIPSE Secretariat: secretariat@eklipse-mechanism.eu
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