LeighWay Art Commission Requests
Here you can send me your application for an art commission.

Please refer to https://www.reddevilworks.com/artcommissions for a list of what I offer and their prices.

Prices are based off a single character price tier, and typically does not include background elements or excessive detailing. Multiple character pieces can be arranged at adjusted price points.

If you would like something that is not in the list, is more elaborate, or you are not sure if your request is one of those things, we can discuss it and work something out.

General Guidelines:
I am not very squeamish, and you can request most things, but as a general rule explicit pictures and extreme violence are not things I do. Veering towards NSFW is fine, but outright explicit NSFW art is something I will not be accepting. It is not a strong suit of mine and honestly, I will probably not do the picture justice even if I tried. 

By commissioning me, you understand that provided work is intended for non-commercial use and does not include reproduction rights.
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