Spend a weekend gettin' Luxe ATL!
I am inviting you to Atlanta, one-by-one, to experience a weekend of transformative delight!

Get honest. Get raw. Forget the small talk. I want to know what’s in your heart. The story you’re afraid to tell. The truth that’s dying to get out. The song in your throat.

Let’s make plans. Let’s make art. Let’s move our bodies, ignite our souls--

And let’s make it one big pleasure.
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How you ever worked with Lux before? If so, in what capacity? *
If there were no obstacles in your way, what amazing things would you accomplish? Tell me about your big dream! *
Each Luxe ATL weekend includes one-on-one mentoring tailored to your needs. This mentoring can occur in three broad categories. Please select the category you wish to focus on. *
Each Luxe ATL weekend includes a night on the town, tailored to your tastes. What's your desired level of spicy? *
The total cost for your Luxe ATL weekend is $2,500, payable in full or via payment plan. This price includes two nights in a swanky hotel, a full day and two nights of Lux's undivided attention and instruction, two dinners and one lunch (includes a fine dining experience), as well as a few extra perks! Are you able to pay this cost by the date of the event? *
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