2020 Summer Solstice Festival Vendor Application
Friday, June 19, 4 - 9pm
Saturday, June 20, Noon - 8pm
Sunday, June 21, Noon - 6pm
Alameda Park, Santa Barbara

Saturday, June 20, Noon - 8pm
Sunday, June 21, Noon - 6pm


• Early Bird Deadline March 27, to be included in early bird Facebook and e-newsletter marketing. After March 27 the cost goes up $75.

• Application and all forms and insurance must be received FRIDAY, MAY 15


EVENT PRODUCER: The Summer Solstice Celebration presents the 46th Annual Solstice Parade and Solstice Music & Arts Festival. This is the largest arts event in Santa Barbara.
Hours: Open to the public Friday - 4 pm to 9 pm, Saturday - 12 pm to 8 pm, Sunday - 12 pm – 6:00 pm.

Vendors must occupy the booth all 3 days! Only Children's Area Vendors will be on-site for 2 days. Load-in takes place on Friday, June 19 between 8 am - 1 pm. All vendor vehicles must be unloaded and immediately removed from the event site prior to booth set up. Exhibits must be set up by 4 pm on Friday and by 11 am on both Saturday & Sunday and all vehicles must be off the premises. Detailed instructions for space set up are included in the confirmation packets mailed to vendors after acceptance.

PARKING: All vehicles MUST be removed from the park by 1 pm Friday, June 19. All vehicles MUST be removed by 11 am on Saturday and Sunday prior to festival start. NO PARKING ALLOWED ON THE LAWN when you unload or load your items. Bring a cart or dolly to truck your items to your booth space from your vehicle on the walk paths. WARNING: There will be a Park Ranger on the premises issuing tickets for those who do not comply.

LOCATION: The Festival is held at Alameda Park, which is at the end of Saturday’s parade route between Santa Barbara St. & Anacapa St. and Sola St. & Micheltorena St.

PARADE: The theme of this year’s parade is "Beautiful Earth". The Solstice parade is known for its creativity, joyfulness, music, and dance. It begins at State and Cota and follows State until it turns into Alameda Park at Micheltorena. The parade draws about 100,000 people as spectators and approximately 40,000 come to the park on Saturday. Crowds for Friday afternoon and Sunday are smaller but have grown each year.

ELIGIBILITY: The Summer Solstice Festival is open to artists and crafts persons, non profits, resale vendors, children area vendors and sponsors. Arts and Crafts Vendors sell products solely made by the artist present at the booth during the event. All clothing must be designed and produced by the artist; otherwise you are a Resale/Import Vendor. If two artists are sharing a booth, the cost is $660 and you need to use the Resale Vendor Application. Solstice has the complete discretion to determine the category of each vendor. "Solstice tries to separate vendors with similar products but there are duplications. We only request 5 images so it is not possible to know all the products represented by each seller. A jury will determine eligibility based on quality, diversity, presentation and originality (as shown in your Images) in comparison with other applicants within your category. Non Profits must provide proof of Non Profit status to be eligible.

ENTRIES WILL BE JURIED AS THEY ARE RECEIVED. Each category is limited to ensure a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing and interesting show. Summer Solstice reserves the right to limit the number of applicants for any one type of item and reserves the right to change or substitute spaces. In case of a qualifying tie, the entry with the earliest postmark will be chosen.

All exhibitors must have a valid State of California resale permit. Resale numbers will be verified prior to acceptance.

BOOTH SPECIFICS: Electricity is $50 and must be requested when you apply. Applicant must cover cords in booth with proper rubber matting. There is only enough power for display lighting (5 amps per exhibitor, 200 watts). All spaces will be provided in the grassy park on the lawn. All artists / crafters spaces will be in clusters of 4 booths creating corner spaces for most exhibitors. The back row of booths with their backs to Anacapa St. will be in a straight row providing only one side to sell from. You must use your own tent structure and/or display panels. Vendors will be restricted to the diameter of your reserved space. If you need tent space and outdoor space you need to purchase outdoor space as above (10x20 or 20x20). Event personnel will inspect the venue daily to monitor compliance with space dimensions. It is mandatory that you keep your items within your booth space or you will be removed from the festival without a refund. Specific locations will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, depending on when full space fee is received. Booths cannot be staked into the lawn or signage hanging from the trees.

HOW TO APPLY: Email 5 jpeg images of your work for the art jury along with your application to vendors@solsticeparade.com. One of the images must show the display you will use at the festival. All Artists/Crafters applying must submit images even if they have previously participated in this event. Art jury results (acceptance or non- acceptance into the festival) will be emailed at least 3 weeks prior to the festival, if application is submitted by deadline date. A City of Santa Barbara application for one day’s vendor’s license must be included with your submission. A valid California seller’s permit number must be included.

All Applicants must include a separate $100 check as your cleaning deposit. Payments for the vendor fees can be made online via paypal or by cashiers check via mail. All participants must have a temporary vending permit from the City of Santa Barbara. This application is available on the Solstice website along with the other vendor applications. Entries received after March 28, 2020 must pay $75 extra for the regular rate or your submission will be returned to sender, which will delay processing.

CONFIRMATION/REFUND: Jury results (acceptance or non-acceptance into the show) will be emailed no later than 3 weeks prior to the event. Space assignments and a map of the event site will be included with notice of acceptance into the show. If it is necessary to cancel, 50% of your fees will be returned prior to May 15, 2020. Refunds must be requested in writing and submitted to the Summer Solstice Celebration. Notifications requesting the refund MUST be made by email or letter. Email or letter must be received by Solstice by 4 pm on May 15, 2020. No refunds will be processed without written request. No telephone or verbal requests for refunds will be accepted. This is an outdoor event. There are no refunds in case of inclement weather, acts of nature, acts of war, terrorism, or restrictions by governmental agencies or other conditions beyond the control of Summer Solstice Celebration.

SPACE ASSIGNMENTS: Space assignments and a map of the venue will be included in the confirmation packet upon acceptance into the show. Space numbers will be clearly marked on the lawn in the Artist section of the event. Solstice reserves the right to limit the number of spaces for any one particular type of goods and/or services and reserve the right to change or substitute vendor spaces, thereby maintaining the diversity and quality of Summer Solstice Festival.

Display Requirements: Space only is provided. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own canopies and all other materials, including mats to cover electrical cords. Exhibitors are responsible for setting up their own displays. Volunteers and staff are not available to assist with unloading or setting up displays. Merchandise may not project into the walkways. Merchandise, display equipment, boxes, containers or any other items will not be allowed to remain in isles after set up. Merchandise should be displayed as colorfully and tastefully as possible.

REGULATIONS: Summer Solstice Celebration reserves the right to remove any exhibitor anytime before or during the event in cases where: The exhibitor is guilty of improper conduct; work is improper for family viewing; an exhibitor hinders or encumbers another display or another vendor’s ability to properly exhibit; an exhibitor attempts to sell work other than what was juried and accepted into the event based on photographs or Images submitted with application. Exhibitors and/or merchants are strictly prohibited from allowing other vendors to sell goods from their assigned space. Summer Solstice obtains a permit from the City of Santa Barbara for the event. Any exhibitor, merchant, or vendor who does not comply with event regulations will be required to vacate the entire space without a refund.

In order to maintain the orderly movement of the crowd, all sales, leafleting, sampling, conducting demonstrations, distributing written materials and any other commercial, promotional and charitable solicitation activities must be within the participant’s pre-assigned display space. There is no sampling without prior permission. These activities shall not interfere with the orderly and safe movement of the crowd and shall not overflow into the neighboring display spaces. These activities are not permissible anywhere else inside the Summer Solstice Festival grounds. Engaging in these activities at any location other than the pre-assigned space is grounds for removal from the festival.

Vendor must obtain Liability Insurance for the event naming “Summer Solstice Celebration, Inc.” as additionally insured in the amount of $1,000,000.00. A copy of the additionally insured endorsement must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the event. Email a copy of the form to vendors@solsticeparade.com. ACT provides event insurance at a good price and you can easily sign up online.

Spaces must request electricity when application is submitted. The fee for this is $50.00. There is only enough power for your display lighting (5 amps per exhibitor, 200 watts). The City of Santa Barbara requires that extension cords be a commercial grade covered by a mat provided by vendor when crossing any walk paths. Digging into the lawn to bury cables is strictly prohibited.

Contact us at vendors@solsticeparade.com
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Event Logistics

Friday, June 19, 2020, 4 - 9pm
Saturday, June 20, 2020, Noon - 8pm
Sunday, June 21, 2020, Noon - 6pm

At Alameda Park, 1400 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California
Booth Type / Fees

NONPROFIT VENDOR fee is $175 per 10’x10’ space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

ARTS & CRAFT fee is $440 per 10’x10’ space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

PROFESSIONAL/BUSINESS fee is $550 per 10'x10' space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

RESALE VENDOR - $660 per 10’x10’ space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

PREMIERE SPONSOR VENDOR - $1500 per 10 x 10 space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

PREMIERE SAMPLING VENDOR - $5000 per 10 x 10 space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 3 Days = $30). All vendors must participate in all 3 days.

CHILDREN"S AREA VENDOR - $220 per 10 x 10 space plus the City of Santa Barbara One Day Vendors License fee ($10 per day @ 2 Days = $20). 2 DAYS ONLY.

ELECTRICITY is $50 upon request at time of application. The fee for the festival must be paid by check or credit card and must accompany your application no later than May 1, 2020. Pay $75 more for regular rate if application is received after deadline of April 3, 2020.

CLEANING DEPOSIT: All Exhibitors will be required to provide a separate cleaning deposit check in the amount of $100, made out to Summer Solstice Celebration, along with your booth space payment. Your cleaning deposit check will not be processed unless your area is not cleaned up. The check will be shredded following an inspection by the City of Santa Barbara. This process usually takes a few weeks. If cleaning deposit is retained, we will contact you.

SPACE SIZES: Most spaces are 10’x10’ and will be provided in the grassy park. Maximum booth and/or display height is 10 feet. Most but not all spaces will be in clusters of 4 creating corner spaces for most Exhibitors. 10’x20’ or 20’x20’ spaces are available by request.

$10 per day
Sellers Permit Application: https://www.santabarbaraca.gov/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=51562
• Whether or not you have a business license with the City of Santa Barbara, you are required to fill out the application. Fees apply only to those vendors who do not have a City of Santa Barbara business license.

P.O. Box 21141, Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1141

You can also pay via credit card http://sbsolstice.com/participate/pay-vendor-fees

Select Booth Type: *
Do you need access to electricity? *
If yes, select an option below OR choose "Other" and tell us about your needs. Please be specific. If you are not 100% sure what you need, take a picture of your plug and send it to vendors@solsticeparade.com
All vendors must provide proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance with “Summer Solstice Celebration” named as additional insured for the dates they plan to sell. ACT is a good source for event insurance or Eventhelper.com

Additional Insured:
Summer Solstice Celebration
P.O. Box 21141
Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1141

A copy of the additional insured endorsement must be sent to vendors@solsticeparade.com by Friday, May 11th
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