MCC Community Garden Application 2019
Space is limited! A typical plot requires AT LEAST one hour a week for upkeep, including watering, weeding, and harvesting your produce. If you have any questions regarding gardening, please email BEFORE applying. The application is due no later than Wednesday, May 31st.

In addition, the following plot fee is required for all gardeners by May 31st:

$ 10.00 Middlesex Students
$ 20.00 Middlesex Staff
$ 25.00 Bedford Community Members

Please drop off payment at the Bedford Student Accounts Office, 2nd Floor, Building #9 (enrollment center).

MCC students can apply for a hardship waiver by emailing with their request.
***Make sure you have read and understand the Gardener Expectations before completing this application!***
Gardener Expectations can be found at
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Preferred Email Address *
We will do our best to keep emails to a minimum. Email is typically used for general garden updates as well as communication with individual gardeners about their plots.
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Preferred Phone Number *
If we are unable to contact you by email, we will try calling.
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Gardener 2's name
Someone to take care of your plot while you're away! (optional but suggested)
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We will include gardener 2 on general garden updates but only contact with specific correspondence if we are unable to contact the primary plot holder.
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Did you have a plot last year? *
If available, would you like a second plot? *
Plot size is 2x8 ft. Depending on demand, we may have extra plots available which will be assigned by lottery.
I agree to volunteer one hour a month to helping the garden as a whole. *
The garden coordinator will send out volunteer requests for specific tasks by email. Tasks may include watering apple trees and flower beds, turning compost, weeding by hand and with tools, organizing the shed, and running the irrigation system.
Would you like assistance in preparing, planting, or maintaining your plot? *
This will help us provide you with the appropriate level of assistance throughout the season and will NOT affect your eligibility for a plot.
Do you need assistance accessing the garden due to any physical limitations?
By typing my full name below, I agree that I have read and understand the gardener agreement and to abide by the rules contained therein. I understand that neither the Garden Advisory Council nor Middlesex Community College is responsible for my actions, and therefore hold blameless each party for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with use of garden by me or my guests. Gardener Expectations can be found at *
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