Request to Participate in Board Meeting
Board meetings are traditionally held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm and visitors are welcome.

We're sorry, but due to time restraints, visitors are not recognized to have a voice in open meetings unless addressed by a board member. No visitors are allowed in closed sessions.

If you would like to address the board, the following criteria is necessary:

Submit the following form 7 days in advance of the meeting in which you would like to speak.

Again, because of time restraints, 5 minutes will be set aside for your topic. Please put as much detail as you possibly can within this written request.

One additional person may join you, but must remain silent unless addressed by a board member.

Note: Action from the LBA may or may not take place the night you speak. Communication will be made to the addressee within the following 2 days.
Date of meeting you wish to address the board: *
Your Name: *
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Email Address:
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Topic you would like to discuss: *
Please provide as much information and detail as possible.
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The chair of the Board may authorize modification to these procedures.
Thank you for your request. You will be contacted before the date of the meeting.
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