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As an educational publisher we believe that resources should be available for the needs of all students and we endeavour to ensure students with specific requirements are not disadvantaged. It is our policy to provide electronic copies of our publications to students with specific learning requirements, provided they have met the Institution criteria for assistance and agree to the conditions of use as per below. If you are a student who has a verified disability that prevents you from using standard instructional materials, please have your Disabilities Service Coordinator or other Institution official fill out this request and agreement for the electronic file you require. We will respond as quickly as possible, but please understand that it may take 3-4 weeks to receive the electronic file.


To our Customers,

Over recent years, Pearson has set the standard for IP and Accessibility practices; continually striving to improve our services to those with print and learning disabilities. Across Pearson we have been engaged with customers, publishing associations, legal entities and alternate format institutions to abide by accessibility laws and ensure all Learners are able to access our products.

In Australia, the Rights & Permissions Team has been managing the request and delivery of PDF files to customers and alternate format institutions. With recent changes to copyright law in light of the Marrakesh Treaty, we will be addressing the changes in line with the recommendations of the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative to future proof our products for accessibility. In the short-term, we are coordinating and streamlining how we manage requests and the delivery of files to assist alternate format institutions in the creation/reformatting of accessible files to reduce time and effort and increase the speed of delivery to our customers.

The initiative has two main components: 1) What types of files we deliver: the types of files we can deliver will depend on the disability and/or the reformatting required and; 2) Who we deliver to: we will deal directly with Alternate Format Institutions rather than schools or the customer to ensure our product files are handled in accordance with new terms and conditions to protect Pearson’s IP.

To request files from Pearson we will require details of the reformat type (i.e. braille, large type etc) and designated Institution for delivery. This ensures Pearson can deliver the right file type to the right institution quickly and effectively. Once the request is validated and file pertained, Pearson will send the files directly to the Alternate Format Institution identified in your request. The Institution will convert the files as required and deliver them securely to the customer/requestor.

If the files do not require conversion by an Alternate Format Institution, we will deliver the files as per previous workflow direct to the requestor.

We thank you for your patience during this time of transition to the new workflow.

Kind regards,
Rights & Permissions - Accessibility
Pearson Australia


1. Fill out all applicable sections of the form below. Requests from students or parents/guardians are not accepted.
2. Supply one form per student, per title. This will assist us in processing the request quickly and simply.
3. If your request is for a US Publication please use the following link to apply directly:
4. If your request is for a UK or Global Edition please use the following link to apply directly:
5. For all other queries please email

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