Customers Survey.
Hi! Thank you so much for your time for this survey.
I'm creating a digital course, and offer students the best of what they need, I need input from entrepreneurs who are looking to build meaningful connection with customers, so the customers will choose you over your competitors, and will stay loyal. All this by using digital marketing, so you will also improve your skills on it during the course. If this sounds like something for you, please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey. If you'd like to be notified for its launch, you're welcome to leave your email at the end. As a thank you, I've prepared a free worksheet to have a more meaningful connection with customers, once you complete it.
1. What city and country do you live in? Example: New York, USA. *
1a. Are you a business owner/in charge of a company's growth revenue? *
1b. What's your business goal in a year from now? *
1c. What is your gender? *
1d. What is your age? *
2. What do you do? Explain what your business does (3 sentences max). *
2a. Why do you do what you do? (5 sentences max) *
3. From 0 - 10, what is your online visibility like? *
No visibility whatsoever.
You own it. You're everywhere on the internet.
3a. Did you know that how you communicate can make or break your customers' buying decisions, ultimately whether they are loyal to you? *
3b. What challenges do you have in connecting to your customers in a more meaningful way? You're free to choose as many as you like. *
3c. From 0 - 10, how well do you think you know your customers? *
I market to everyone, I can't possibly know who they are.
I know perfectly who my customers are.
4. Who are your business mentors? Direct mentors or from afar. (Name between 3 - 5 people you follow for advice/inspiration). *
4a. What's the number one best book you ever read? Please write the title and author. *
4b. What (digital business) skills do you need right now to help you achieve your business goal soon? Choose as many as you like. *
4c. What is your affinity/skill level with digital marketing? *
Clueless, no idea what it is.
You're a digital marketing whizz.
4d. How would learning the above skills be useful to start and/or grow your business? *
5. Have you ever taken any online course to learn any of the above? *
5a. If yes, what made you buy the online course? Choose max 3. If no, choose "Not applicable". *
5b. What did you like about the course? How could it be improved? (5 sentences max). Type "not applicable" if you never bought any. *
5c. Would you be willing to invest 12 x USD 97 to acquire the needed skills mentioned above to grow your lifetime customer base now? *
5d. If you never bought any online course to learn, what was stopping you? Choose max 3. If you've bought online course, choose "Not applicable". *
6. What's your number one top priority in life? *
6a. What's your greatest aspiration to achieve now? *
6b. What's your core value and worldview (how do you see the world)? *
7. We are now at the end. How can I improve this survey? *
If you want to reach out, feel free to send me DM on Instagram (@ataliafelicia). Do you want to be notified when the course launches? Or you would need to schedule a 15 minute intro call? Feel free to leave your name AND email here. Also if you want to be invited to join the BETA group for this course.
THANK YOU, I hope you enjoyed the survey. Now hit submit to see where you can download the pdf I mentioned above.
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