Appendix C
NCCTA Application for Transfer within Nye County School District

Instructions: Transfer forms must be filled out completely and include an attached letter of interest and current resume.

7-1 Voluntary Transfers
7-1.1 The District Policy recognizes that it is desirable, when making assignments, to consider the interest and aspirations of its licensed members of the bargaining unit. Requests by a licensed member of the bargaining unit for transfer to a different class, building, or position will be made in writing, on forms furnished by the district, along with a letter of interest and current resume. One copy of the application form and the resume will be filed with the Superintendent or designee and one copy of the application will be filed with the Association. To be eligible to submit for voluntary transfer, the licensed member of the bargaining unit must be post probationary, must not be on any current plan of improvement, ARL program, or if on the Special Education Option Program, must be within the limitations specified in Appendix G. The application will set forth the reasons for the request for transfer, the school, and the grade or position sought. All eligible in-district applicants that submit a transfer form approved by their current supervisor, and the required documents mentioned above, will be afforded an interview. The district will notify all bargaining unit members about all open positions throughout the year. Applications for voluntary transfer from eligible in-district applicants will be considered before out-of-district applicants from February 1st through March 15th. Applicants must submit the required forms for transfer within five (5) work days of the posting. If there are no transfers or the transfer request results in a denial after five (5) work days from the application closing date, the District or its agent will consider out-of-district applicants.

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