Identifying Classical Conditioning
Identify the UCS (unconditioned stimulus), UCR (unconditioned response), CS (conditioned stimulus), and CR (conditioned response) in the scenarios below. Adapted from Collin Mangus.
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1. The overhead in Tom's lab has a short circuit and gives him a shock every time he touches it. After a while Tom hesitates every time he is about to touch the overhead. *
2. Your significant other often yells at you and makes you feel bad. Pretty soon you can't stand the look of that person and dump them. You meet another person who wears the same cologne/perfume. Although they seem nice, you just can't seem to get along with them. *
3. There are two people you know who you always see together. One day, you see one of them by himself, and he comes up to you and punches you in the nose. Later you see the other one by himself, and you decide to turnaround so he doesn't see you. *
4. On your way home from school there is a big dog that always barks at you. You start to feel uncomfortable when taking that route, so you take a new route home, past a smaller dog that is not so loud. *
5. Whenever you watch a scary show, you always have a big bowl of popcorn. Now you find that just having a bowl of popcorn makes you feel creepy. Later your scary show is canceled, and you start eating popcorn while watching Seinfeld. Now the popcorn makes you feel happy. *
6. You want to quit smoking, so you sit at home and give yourself a shock every time you reach for a cigarette.Your smoking decreases. However, when you go out with your friends your smoking returns to the same level. *
7. When you are in gym class, you get hit in the head repeatedly with a basketball. Soon you develop an aversion to not only basketball, but volleyball and football as well. *
8. Whenever you lie in your bed you fall asleep very quickly, more quickly than you would on the couch. One week you have a lot of stress and instead of falling asleep you lie awake several nights in a row. Now, even though the stress is gone, you have difficulty sleeping in your bed. *
9. Your cat gets attacked by a dog while walking in your front yard. Now your cat stays in the back yard or in the house. *
10. You get an aquarium, which your cat discovers and regularly eats the fish. You give up and take the aquarium away, but your cat still likes to sit on the shelf where the aquarium was. *
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