Bulk Food Buying Club - Welcome!
Welcome to the St. James Town Community Co-op Bulk Food Buying Club! We are sharing this survey with you so that we can learn more about our community and be better prepared to share and support each other! Even if you are not prepared to become a member of the Club, we would love to hear from you.
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Are you already a co-op member? You do not need to be a co-p member to join the bulk food buying club. You can become a member by paying the 5$ member fee to get deeper discounts and voting power on major co-op decisions!
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What is your relationship to St. James Town?
How many members of your household will be sharing the order? Include yourself in the number.
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How much does your household spend on groceries on average in a month?
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Are there any food allergies or dietary needs in your household?
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What are some of your household's favorite meals to share?
What sort of foods are you most excited about ordering through the Bulk Food Buying Club? If there's something missing from our list that you are interested in buying with us, please include it in the "other" option!
What specific foods are you excited about ordering with our Club? (ex. if you like the idea of getting spices, what kinds of spices? Beans? Grains? Flours? Rices?)
How did you find out about the St. James Town Community Co-op Bulk Food Buying Club?
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Would you like to receive the St. James Town Community Co-op Newsletter? Our newsletter will arrive in your e-mail twice per month, contains art, recipes, and stories from the neighborhood, as well as updates on our community garden, bulk food buying club, and other community projects!
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Anything else you would like us to know?
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