3x Lottery Ticket Bonus
🚀🚀🚀Get your 3x Lottery Ticket Bonus here!!!🚀🚀🚀

😍 Increase your chance to win a Rolex ⌚️ NFT with 0.01ETH! 😍

**The Rolex NFT is backed by a real Rolex watch. Winner can redeem it when LuxFi launches their NFT marketplace.

LuxFi Legendary Ape NFTs Auction & Lucky Draw: https://www.luxfi.io/auction

1) Enter a correct Promo Code
2) Enter your ETH address
3) Follow the Auction & Lucky Draw Rules

What Lottery Ticket Bonus???
You will get 3x your lottery tickets for your 1st transaction (mini 0.01ETH) in the Auction & Lucky Draw. That means you will get 3 times higher chance to win a Rolex (you will get 3 tickets with 0.01ETH instead of 1 lottery ticket).

Can I have this Lottery Ticket Bonus more than 1 time?
No. One Promo Code can only apply to one unique wallet address once, and we will give 3x the lottery tickets to your 1st (first) transaction of your wallet address only if you enter a correct Promo Code.

Auction & Lucky Draw Period: 26th Sep 2021, 10AM UTC to 10th Oct 2021, 10AM UTC
Eligible Amount of Bid for 1 Lottery Ticket: 0.01 ETH

Can I have this Lottery Ticket Bonus and other Bonuses as well?
For more information, please ask us on Telegram group (https://t.me/Luxfiofficial)

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