DCL Conference Center Contributor Registration Form
This is a form that we are asking to be filled out all those who have contributed land commitments to the district, so we have a registry.

We are inviting you to register your contact information, skillsets, and interests in the district registry.

This is optional. But if you don't register you will not receive notifications about district matters and may not be aware of votes and policies.

Advantages to registering:
* You can be added to the district's Discord server to see our plans and be informed about our voting.
* We can know the other members of our community
* We can know how to reach you to share our plans, news updates, governance structure, notices of voting and meetings, etc.
* We can know what skills you want to bring to the project, and how you want to contribute to the development of the district.

Regarding Your Name and Contact Info
NOTE: It is expected that any or all of the information you provide in this form may eventually be made available to other community members, so don't share anything you wouldn't want them to know

Your full name is optional but appreciated. If you prefer, you can use first name last initial, or a pseudonym such as your Discord moniker.

If you have a Discord ID, please provide the full ID with the 4 digit numeric part. Our Discord server is our primary communication and consultation medium, and where we provide links to our documents, votes, etc.

If you want to share other social media or personal website information, you may.

We definitely need an email address to keep you informed about development of the district, policies, events, etc. Obviously, you can create a new pseudonymous email address for this purpose if you want, but consider forwarding its email to a place where you will monitor it for important district updates.

Your Name *
RocketChat ID
Slack ID
Discord ID
Telegram ID
Email Address *
Regarding Your ETH addresses and amount staked
Please provide the one or more ETH addresses from which you staked. If you don't want to provide all of it, please provide the last at least 4 characters.
You may optionally also then provide the number of LAND Parcels committed from each address, if you know the amount(s), else we can probably look it up from the address. ETH addresses from which Contributions were not received will be treated as guest to the public channel, but not invited to the private channels of our Discord servers.
ETH Address(es) *
# Parcels
Are you fine with the "Pooled Land, Shared Profits" approach?
The district description and commentary has described the land ownership model as shared, or 'pooled", with profits (if any) being shared in proportion to the original land contributions. This has been proposed to allow the land to be developed as a unified whole, and so most investors have invested based on that vision. But before we finalize the land allocation, let's get a sense if anyone didn't understand that, or would wish to have private land instead. Private land might be inside the district, or arrangements might be made (given time) to allow contributors to sell there share in the pooled land to liquidate their participation in the Conference Center.

Please indicate whether you prefer your land contribution to be treated as part of the pooled approach. In any case, offer as detailed of thoughts as you wish in the Comments that follow
Pooled? *
Comments on Pooling *
Do you expect to contribute to development costs?
If you can foresee being able to assist to cover development costs, through buying content, paying for models, buying future district funding tokens, etc, please indicate or comment briefly
Financial Contribution? *
Please indicate what skills you can contribute to the creation of the district.
What professional skills and expertise do you plan to contribute? For example, do you do 3D modeling? Solidity Smart Contract coding? Sound Design? Avatar design or animation? etc.
Skills *
Project Interest?
Which work would you like to do to help develop the district, to help it get up and running? If you have proposals to link to, please include their URLs
Projects *
Proposed Split of Future Profits
Once we are up and running and generating revenue, we are suggesting the following profit split:
Details are in the Startup Plan which you will be given access to if you are a valid registrant.
* Landowners (50%)
* District Board compensation (with vesting) (~20%)
* District Operating and Development Costs, Fundraising and or Marketing Efforts (~30%)
The primary reason that 50% is going into efforts to develop the district is to fund, incent and accelerate its development and realization of income.
Are you happy with this?
Happy With Split? *
Comments on Split
Do you have your own plans for what you would like to do in this district?
Please offer as much information as you are able. If you have proposals to link to, please include their URLs.
Your Plans *
Do you have any other comments or suggestions?
Other Comments
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