University of Arizona Journalism Survey
The Patagonia Regional Times has teamed up with the University of Arizona School of Journalism to bring journalism students to report on the interesting people and vital issues of the region. We expect this project to shed light on the impacts of changes taking place in our communities with a resurgent mining economy, a troubled border, a growing conservation movement and increasing numbers of tourists and retirees. Additionally, we hope it will paint a realistic picture of life in our communities and of the people who live here. So, we’re seeking participation from miners, merchants, ranchers, conservationists, preservationists, wine makers, artists, new arrivals and long-time residents.

This survey will be open from Jan 1 - Jan 20, 2020. This survey will take up to 5 minutes of your time.
Do you live in Eastern Santa Cruz County? *
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Considering the topics you chose, who are the people you think the reporters should meet? List names and how to contact them
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If you had the opportunity to ask a reporter to investigate a specific question, what would it be?  List (up to 3)      
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If you have an interesting story to tell or a keen observation to share with a reporter, please include your name/contact info and to which of the topics you wish to speak.
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