LizardNet Minecraft server s2: Abuse and Incident Reporting Form
Welcome! Use this form to file abuse reports or incident reports against another player of LizardNet Minecraft Server s2 (LizardNet Public 1).

Please ensure that you have read the server rules at - your abuse report should focus only on direct rule violations or clearly bad-faith behavior.

In general, if you submit this form, an operator will investigate within one day, and will contact you with the results of the investigation.

Please feel free to file multiple abuse reports if you have, for example, multiple users you wish to file reports about.

If you have any questions regarding this form or LizardNet Minecraft in general, please join LizardIRC by clicking this link: - Or send us an email at minecraft-s2-support [at] helpdesk [dot] fastlizard4 [dot] org.
Please be advised that abuse of this form will not be taken lightly. Users who submit many abuse reports that are found later to be untrue or inaccurate may themselves be banned from the server.

You should not use hunches when filling out this form. Only report facts that you can directly observe (e.g., if you didn't directly see Player_X take your diamond from your chest, don't accuse them in your report - simply report the missing diamonds).

Remember to assume good faith and to try to talk things out with players you have grievances with. Bans are only used by operators as a last resort in disputes, or in situations where there have been a major and serious violation of the rules. Only submit an abuse report here if the violations are serious and if you've already tried talking to the user!

Similarly, only report suspected thefts if you are reasonably certain you didn't simply misplace your items.
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Any information you provide using this form is considered private and confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside of current, active operators on the Minecraft server.
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