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Once you fill out this request, we'll send you an email to confirm. You will be billed via Quickbooks' invoicing. If you have any questions about this form, please email Scott at
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This is the email address that you wish to have the invoices sent to. It can be the same as your contact email address, but doesn't have to be.
Archetype Service Host Name *
This is the name of the host where you want the service to be available. If you want a custom domain name, you'll need to setup DNS yourself to point a CNAME record when we send you the IP address of the host (after it's created). If you want us to perform all setup and management, enter archetype-<something>, where <something> indicates a name chosen by you.
What service level would you like us to perform? *
Please note that we setup the archetype server for you in either case. If you want, we can setup a virtual server in which it will run, as well. This requires that you take over ownership of the linode after setup is complete.
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