AEBG Application for Regional Funds
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Only members are eligible to receive direct funding per AB104. Partners requesting funding need to work with a member to submit their application.
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Please provide an executive summary regarding how you propose to expand opportunities to the program area identified above. *
Please describe how you plan to integrate existing programs and create seamless transitions to postsecondary education or the workforce. *
Please describe the gaps within our region with regards to the program area identified. Please include labor market information, employer feedback, student surveys, and other relevant information. *
Please describe where in the regional plan proposed activities align. *
If applicable, please describe any approaches that will be undertaken to accelerate a students' progress toward his or her academic or career goals, such as contextualized basic skills and career technical education, and other joint programming strategies between adult education and career technical education.
How will you leverage existing regional structures? *
Please describe your institution's capacity to implement proposed activity with in the timeline. *
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Salaries and Benefits
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Capital Outlay - Equipment
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For partners only: Do you currently receive funding that supports the proposed activity? If yes, please describe how additional funding will augment the activity.
What is your sustainability plan/vision for this program or activity? *
Target number of students serving during 2016-2017 for ABE/ASE/HSD
Target number of students serving during 2016-2017 for ESL and workforce preparation.
Target number of students serving during 2016-2017 for entry or reentry into the workplace.
Target number of students serving during 2016-2017 for programs for adults that are primarily designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically in school.
Target number of adults with disabilities serving during 2015-2016.
Target number of students serving during 2016-2017 in CTE programs.
Target number of students serving in pre-apprenticeships.
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