International Mr. Bootblack 2019 Application
Welcome to the International Mr. Bootblack contestant family! Congratulations – we hope you’re excited about competing, and we’re glad you’ll be part of IML 2018.
1. Bootblack Contestants compete in the International Mr. Leather™ (“IML”) contest weekend and agree to appear on stage at scheduled events including, but not limited to, the Thursday night Opening Ceremonies event and the IML Contest on Sunday, and to be available to bootblack on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Failure to appear as scheduled may result in disqualification. IML reserves the right to remove a Bootblack Contestant from the competition at any time, for cause.

2. Bootblack Contestants are limited to genuine bootblacks currently or previously employed by a sponsoring levi/leather, uniform, SM, western, or related bar, business, club, or organization. Each such business or organization may only sponsor one Bootblack Contestant per year: if additional applications naming the same sponsor are received, only the first application received will be accepted.

3. To compete for the title of International Mr. Bootblack, Bootblack, Contestants must be male as shown on their legal identification. In addition, Bootblack Contestants must be 21 years of age or older. In order to verify your eligibility to compete, you are required to provide a copy of your government issued ID (driver’s license, state ID card or Passport), and bring the original with you at the time of Contestant Registration. We will make a copy of this document and it will be placed with your application during the Contestant Orientation in Chicago.

4. Bootblack Competition Applications must be received by IML no later than May 1, 2019. THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE. Following receipt of your application, IML will email you a confirmation advising the time and place you are to report on Thursday with the IML staff at the host hotel in Chicago for the Bootblack Competition Orientation. Attendance at the Orientation is mandatory. At the Orientation, you will be required to sign and date your Contestant Agreement and Contestant Photo Release form and will receive a Bootblack Contestant ID badge.

5. IML will provide a central area within or near the vendor market to be designated as the Bootblack Competition Area which will be under the supervision of the International Mr. Bootblack Contest Coordinator. Each contestant will be provided with an area in which to work along with a chair and floor covering.

6. A panel of judges will evaluate each contestant based on his demonstration of technical skill, stage presence and personality, and performance in an interview conducted by the judges during the contest weekend. IML will provide a coupon, good for one shine (not including gratuity), to each weekend package holder and to IML contestants, judges, and staff. Contestants will accumulate those coupons in exchange for their bootblacking services. At the end of each day, the IML staff will tally the coupons in the presence of each contestant individually. The coupon tallies will be incorporated with the judges’ scores to produce an overall score. See the scoring breakdown at the end of this application package for details. At the IML Contest on Sunday, the Bootblack Contestant who receives the highest score will be named International Mr. Bootblack.

7. If a bootblack ceases to be a Bootblack Contestant for any reason, all coupons collected by that bootblack MUST be returned to the IML staff; coupons may not be sold, transferred, or traded to another Bootblack Contestant.

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