Level Designer's Workshop 2019 Speaker/Topic Submission
The Level Designer Workshop is returning to GDC 2019 in San Francisco - and it's our 10th anniversary!

We have always embraced a broad definition of level design, and sought to include a wide variety of speakers who represent the many facets of level design across all types of video games. Previous talks have touched on everything from technical tips, workflow, tools design, encounter staging, architectural theory, procedural levels, systems analysis, and more.

In the interest of expanding upon this history of diverse topics and speakers, we are opening our submissions again to the general game development public.

Our audience is a mix of aspiring and practicing level designers, as well as members of the press, academia, and game development community at large.

Please note: Submissions close November 2, 2018!

Please use this form to submit your topic for consideration. Thanks a lot - we can't wait to hear from you!

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Our agenda typically includes 25 and 55 minute talks. We may consider "microtalks" as well. Please select the format(s) that you think your topic will fit. Note that all talks include Q&A, time permitting.
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In the past, we have given attendees the opportunity to have their portfolio and other work critiqued by our speaker panel. If we include a portfolio review in this workshop, would you be willing to participate?
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Note that talks with multiple presenters are generally discouraged, especially if the presenters are not seasoned public speakers.. Preparation is more time-consuming, and it's much more difficult to give a good delivery with multiple people. While proposing a tandem talk is certainly okay, please be aware that it's a variable we'll need to consider, and will probably make your overall preparations more difficult.
Employer Approval Required?
Will you require approval from an employer before you can guarantee participation? This doesn't affect your chance of being considered, but it does affect our timeline to make sure presenters/topics are approved.
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