Granite Preschool Parent Survey
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My child:
How much is your child learning and benefiting from preschool?
Not much
Very much
To what extent is your child being well prepared for Kindergarten?
Not much
Very much
What do you see as the top 3 areas of greatest benefit to your child from Granite Preschool?
Teachers are responsible for providing classroom instruction and setting behavior expectations. Mark the items you feel your teacher is doing well (mark all that apply).
Please select one of the following items you would most like your child's teacher to improve upon or make better (mark one).
How well are the teachers communicating with you about the following:
Not well at all
Somewhat well
Pretty well
Very well
Preschool calendar
Skills being taught in the classroom
Your child's progress
Opportunities to be involved in the classroom
How important is it that the Granite District high quality preschool is available to you and your children?
Not very important
Very important
How likely would you be to recommend Granite District high quality preschool to your family and friends?
Not likely at all
Very likely
How did you receive information about upcoming parent trainings (mark all that apply)?
How useful was the monthly Parent's Corner newsletter you received via email?
Not helpful at all/did not receive the newsletter
Very helpful
If your child is returning to Granite Preschool next year, what is your preferred format to receive the parent education/parenting topic information?
If your child is returning to Granite Preschool next year, what parent topics would you be interested in learning more about for your preschooler (mark all that apply)?
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