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Beat The Streets is now accepting applications to create a Beat The Streets Junior League Team for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Beat The Streets will be sponsoring two Junior League Seasons during the next academic year. The Fall season would run for October 2nd – December 17th and the Spring Season would run from January 8th – March 31st.

Beat The Streets encourages ANY school, group, or individual to apply to start a Beat The Streets Junior League Team. Application are considered and approved on a rolling basis, and though there is no hard application deadline, applicants for the Fall season are encouraged to apply no later than July 1st and all Spring season applicants are encouraged to apply no later than November 1st.

The current structure and coach requirements can be found at:

Please note that an application will not be approved until BTS has received a minimum of 12 student-athlete parent waivers. The English waiver can be downloaded @ A Spanish language waiver can be downloaded @

Below is an outline of the application process and procedure.

1) BTS will have an open application period. Any individual may apply to start a Beat The Streets Team (School, Church,
Community group etc.). In order to apply an individual / organization must:
- Complete the below application (BTS will e-mail you parent waivers once you have submitted and application)
- Submit a minimum of 12 completed participant parent waivers to
- Guarantee practice space for the team for a minimum of two days per week for 1.5 hours per day

2) Priority approvals will be given to organizations that:
- Have funding to help supplement the Coaches Stipend
- Submit more than twenty completed participant parent waivers
- Will welcome youth from outside the organization to participate (for example, schools that will permit students that
don’t attend the school to participate on the team).
- Coaches that have been active participants in BTS Coaches Development programming
- Coaches that have a record of success in participation numbers, program quality, and matriculation of Middle School
students to High School Wrestling Teams

3) For approved teams BTS will provide:
- Stipend for a Wrestling Coach
- Loan of a wrestling mat
- T-shirts, shorts, wrestling shoes for all participants
- Officials to officiate Jamborees / Duals
- Competition and Camp Opportunities for your Student-Athletes

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Are you applying for the Fall Season only or both Fall and Spring *
If you are a Principal, Director, or Other, do you have a coach onsite that will be coaching the team? *
Having a coach on site is not a requisite for a team. If you are approved for a team and you don't have a coach on site, BTS will help hire a coach. HOWEVER, organizations that have a coach on site that works with the students will receive priority.
If yes, you have a coach on site, please use the space below to type the Name, Cell Phone #, and E-mail of the coach
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What days of the week will your team practice? *
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Will your school / organization allow outside students / youth to participate on your team? *
For example, if you are a school, will students that don't attend your school be welcome to participate on the team?
Will your school / organization help fund the coaches stipend? *
BTS provides a coaching to approved teams. Schools / Organizations that and subsidize all or a portion of the Coaching Stipend will receive priority in the approval process.
If Yes to the above question, approximately what amount of the money is available to help subsidize the coaching stipend?
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If you are a first time applicant, please tell us more about yourself and your organization. *
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Acknowledgement - by selecting YES from below I acknowledge that I have read the full season outline and coaches expectations @, and that the information conveyed in this application is accurate and truthful. I also acknowledge that by selecting YES that I have the support and permission of my school principal / organization administrator to apply for a BTS Junior League Team.
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