LMC Trash Can Drumming IAP 2014
This is going to be awesome!
Tues Jan 7 & Thurs Jan 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30, 08:05-10:05pm, W20 Basement Conference Room (W20-027).

Learn how to drum on trash cans from the MIT Live Music Connection! We are so excited for the 3rd rendition of TCD, where you will fast become a stick twirling, long-haired, face-melting, solo-crushing, jam-exploding, drumming phenomenon. Well, most likely. What we can guarantee is that, if you have a basic musical background (and even if you don't) you will get a solid primer on drumming technique, rhythm, jamming, and even collaborative writing - all on authentic steel 31 gallon trash cans. Genres will include inspirations from: jazz, rock, funk, hip hop, r&b, and music of the Senegalese persuasion. Have no fear, we've done this before: http://bit.ly/LMC-TCD2012-Show.

Join us - we've got some awesome instructors that have signed on as well to help make you groove like you're ulna is on fire!

There will be a wait-list when more than 16 people sign up.
Contact: Rupak Chakraborty, rupak@mit.edu
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Ray Macchio
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Year at MIT (undergrad AND grad are welcome!) *
2014, or 2013G (if grad)
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Are you cool with the dates/times of the class? Tuesday AND Thursday 8-10pm. *
This is actually really important. This class is usually oversubscribed, so please make sure you can do it, thanks!
If you will miss any classes, please explain below. *
We move quickly and want to ensure that you pick it all up - this is a highly experiential class.
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What's your musical background? *
Only a basic background is required, but it's MIT, so even if you're new let us know what kind of music you're into. For example: I've been playing drums since middle school, but I dabble in piano, etc. etc. etc. More info is better!
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Why do you want to try Trash Can Drumming? *
Because I want to drum on trash cans... WRONG! Be descriptive, unless of course that is really your actual answer...
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Have you heard of the LMC before? *
If so, what have you done with us? Or what would you like to do in the future, beyond of course, trash can drumming?
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