SLP SEEDS Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in working with SLP SEEDS in creating equitable and sustainable wellness in our communities!
Filling out this application is the first step to supporting our mission with your time.
Upon completion of this application the Specific details of your roles and responsibilities as a SLP SEEDS volunteer will be determined through individual conversations based on SEEDS' need and the volunteer's skills, experience and desires for development.
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What about SLP SEEDS calls you to volunteer? How does our mission align with your personal values, your vision and your goals?
What are you most excited to get out of or learn from volunteering with SEEDS?
Previous Volunteer and relevant professional experience
It would be helpful to know if you have any relevant experience either personal or professional; however NO EXPERIENCE is required to volunteer with SLP SEEDS.
Is there a specific position you are applying for?
What are you interested in working on?
What is most important to you right now?
We use references as part of our background check to better utilize your service and to better meet the needs of our target populations.
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Part of our background check includes contacting a personal and a professional reference, do we have your permission to do so?
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Volunteer preference
This form only allows ONE CHOICE PER ROW, so please indicate your FIRST CHOICE Morning, Afternoon and Evening time slots (if applicable). In the case that more than these possibilities exist, please mention in the "Availability Notes" section below.
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More Availability Notes:
Is there anything else we should know about your current situation, what days and times would be ideal for you to help out?
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