2020 Mondale Award Nomination Form
The Mondale Award for Japan-Minnesota Partnership is presented by JASM to recognize outstanding contributions to the building of understanding, cooperation, and respect between the people of Japan and Minnesota. This award is presented annually to the individual or organization based in Japan or Minnesota who has met one of the following criteria:

1. Made a lifetime contribution to the Japan-Minnesota relationship through a variety of activities, projects, and initiatives

2. Provided leadership in a pivotal project which accelerated significant public awareness of Japan and/or Minnesota in the reciprocal region

3. Played a crucial role in developing a lasting partnership between Japan and Minnesota

4. Served as an official representative in fostering closer ties between Japan and the United States
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List organizational affiliations and activities in which the nominee is or has been involved: *
Please respond to the following questions about the nominee, keeping in mind the purpose and criteria for this award.
1. Describe the nominee's accomplishments and contributions to Japan-Minnesota relationships. *
2. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership and inspired others by his or her work? *
3. In what ways has the nominee built understanding and cooperation between the peoples of Japan and the United States? *
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The deadline for submission is Monday, August 12, 2020.
If you wish, additional pages or materials may be submitted to jasm@us-japan.org.
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