In order to insure that MHTC is able to lend equipment/materials in a manner consistent with Policy Board expectations and user accountability, borrowers must read and agree to the following guidelines:
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1.) Borrowers are responsible for picking-up and returning the equipment to MHTC. Borrowers will return the equipment/materials in a timely manner which will be agreed upon at the time of the loan.
2.) Borrowers have the training and knowledge necessary to use and care for the equipment/materials.
3.) Borrowers will make every effort to return the equipment/materials in the condition it was loaned.
4.) Borrowers will make sure the equipment/materials are secure at all times and will not re-lend the equipment/materials to others without MHTC’s knowledge.
5.) Borrowers will not alter the equipment/materials without the knowledge of MHTC. If borrowing an iPad, I agree NOT to modify/add/delete any application on the iPad or try to sync the iPad to another iTunes Account.
6.) Borrowers will immediately notify MHTC of any problems with the equipment/materials or loan procedures.
7.) Borrowers may be responsible for repair or replacement costs in cases of gross negligence on their part.
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