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Thank you for your interest in hosting an exchange student! Hosting a student is a memorable experience for everyone involved. Not only does the host student learn about your culture, but you are also able to learn about their culture.

Please fill out the form below so we can best match a student to your family. The more information you provide the easier it will be to find a match for you. Once matched you will be provided student information including contact info so that you may communicate with them prior to the experience. Please note matches will not be released until all exchange students have been placed with a family.

Please note families are expected to provide a room, meals, laundry, and local transportation to events as indicated on itinerary. The students are all native Spanish speakers, however one of their major goals is to improve their English with their host families.

Exchange dates for 2018-19 school year are January 16th-30th except for Middleton which is hosting Nov. 14th-27th.

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Describe your family. How many people live at the house? How many children are there? What are there names/ages? Do you have pets? What kind of food do you typically eat? Would you be able to host a vegetarian? *
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Costa Rica Summer Exchange
This is an opportunity for students to continue the exchange experience and stay with the same student they hosted in the winter! If interested, please answer the additional questions and review the current information below:

The summer exchange is for two weeks and will have the same format as the winter exchange with students experiencing the best Costa Rica has to offer. In addition to cultural activities, students will zipline, travel to a beach island, visit a volcano and hot springs, explore the capital city of San José, and see how coffee is made.

Dates and cost are to be determined, but will be for two weeks during the summer.

Please note you are not required to participate in summer exchange if you host in the winter. Likewise, students may participate in summer exchange without hosting during the winter exchange.

Do you have a valid passport?
To enter the country passports must be valid at least six months from return from Costa Rica.
Please list any allergies, diet restrictions, or health conditions.
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Tell us a bit about yourself. What would you like your host family to know about you?
Do you like pets? Which ones? Would it be ok if your host family had pets? What is your favorite music? Is it important for you to attend religious services? If so, which ones? What sports do you play? The more details you can give the better :) Note: If you host in the winter, your host family would be the family of the exchange student you hosted.
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