Project Borealis - IT Team Lead
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Project Borealis is looking for a dedicated and skilled web developer with sysadmin experience to lead the IT team. The team is responsible for maintenance and updates to the project website (, supporting technical projects and workflows, and working with the programming team to manage our code repository. We're looking for someone with broad knowledge of these areas who can also lead a specialized team.
What you'll do...
● Manage the IT team
● Ensure that the website, git repository, and other technical services are kept up to date and well maintained
● Work with the programming team to support technical infrastructure
● Maintain and update the project's website
Ideally, you'll have...
● Experience leading a development team or as a product manager
● An understanding of contemporary web frameworks
● Knowledge of popular programming languages
● Skills and experience as a system administrator
Project Requirements
● Have a Discord account
● Take and provide constructive criticism
● Meet deadlines and manage your time effectively
● Take part in meetings and discussions
● A passion for the Half-Life universe
Additional Skills
● Proficient with front end development, WordPress, CSS, HTML, SEO, Google Analytics, and Adobe Creative Suite; working knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, and MySQL a plus
● Knowledge of the Pelican (or similar) web framework
● Experience with Google Cloud or similar services
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