šŸ’« Neon Vibes - Synthwave/Vaporwave Portraits

šŸ’« TURNAROUND: Roughly within two weeks of payment received.

šŸ’« PATRON PERK: Patrons are welcome to claim their monthly perk on this art special - if you are a patron and wish to use your perk, please type "PATRON PERK CLAIM" in the last part of this form! ā™„


āš ļø By participating in this art special, filling out this sheet, and purchasing a slot from me, you are stating that you agree to and will abide by my terms of service. If you've never seen it before, it can be viewed from the link below!
āš ļø Be aware, if you have read and agreed to my TOS before, it has been updated as of this month (March 2021) and contains some new info!

šŸ’« TOS: https://nalukahvi.com/#tos
šŸ’« QUEUE: https://trello.com/b/P3ppdBB0/nalukahvis-commission-queue
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